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Plantworx 2019
Plantworx 2019 takes place in Peterborough between the 11th and 13th June and is a must visit for anybody who is involved in industries which use heavy plant
Bizarre Insurance Claims and the importance of liability cover!

Insurance fraud is no laughing matter, especially if your business is on the receiving end of a liability claim for personal injury. It has been said that the a ‘compensation culture’ exists in the UK and many would suggest that this is a relatively new phenomenon...

What makes a good skip hire insurance policy?

If you are in in the market for insurance for your skip hire business, there are a few things which you need to consider to make sure you have the right cover in place for every possible scenario.

Focus on... Management Liability Insurance

Management Liability Insurance, also known as Directors and Officers Liability Insurance is designed to cover individuals within an organisation who may be held individually accountable for actual or alleged wrongful acts in managing a company.

Recycling centre fires and Lithium-Ion batteries in the news again...
This week saw another large fire engulf a recycling centre. This time the site of the fire was at the Parr Industrial Estate on Merseyside.
What is the value of an insurance broker?
Buying or renewing insurance is not always simple. Insurance brokers offer a helping hand through the complexities of modern insurance, giving you confidence that the policy you buy is the best one for you or your business.
WasteApp - Connecting waste processors and producers
As specialist insurers to the waste and recycling industry we are always on the lookout for industry news and information which is relevant to our customers. Keeping ourselves informed helps us to help and better understand our customers and the challenges they face as a business.
Amazing things found in skips!
Most of the time, skips contain nothing terribly exciting. Maybe some old carpet, dated cabinets which have been ripped out to make way for a new kitchen, discarded furniture. We usually just walk past them without a second glance. However, every now and then the skip hire industry can turn up some extraordinary finds…
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