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What is the value of an insurance broker?

What is the value of an insurance broker?

Buying or renewing insurance is not always simple. Insurance brokers offer a helping hand through the complexities of modern insurance, giving you confidence that the policy you buy is the best one for you or your business.

Working for You

A major benefit of an insurance broker is that they work for you, not the insurer. The focus of an insurance company is to sell their policy, without necessarily understanding your specific requirements. A good insurance broker will not only offer you competitive terms, but insurance which is tailored to your individual needs.

We work with you to find a policy that will protect your business, no matter how specific. We can offer you guidance through the complicated insurance process, giving you confidence that should the worst happen, all your needs are covered.

At GM Insurance we pride ourselves being more than just aggregators of policies. Our focus on prudence and customer service allows us to get the right insurance for you.


Insurance brokers have another benefit over aggregate sites - our expertise in the field.

Although comparison sites may tell you the cheapest policies at a glance, they cannot offer the same expert guidance as an insurance broker.

Our job is to understand and stay up-to-date with the market. We know any upcoming changes or new regulations, as well as any potential risks. Purchasing a policy through an insurance broker gives you the security that the policy is the right one for you.

GM Insurance have 15 years of experience in getting customers the best commercial insurance possible, and our skilled team are experts in the field. In addition to our general commercial insurance, GM Insurance have been specialising in the waste and recycling industry for well over a decade. Our experience in the industry gives us an unmatched understanding that we can use to help you.

Saving time

We understand that running a business is a time-intensive process. The last thing most business owners want is to be distracted from this by the hassle of navigating through the world of insurance.

Insurance brokers can allow you to focus on what is important by doing the work involved in finding insurance specific to your needs. Our relationship with insurance companies means we can find polices for you faster, cheaper, and more efficiently. When it comes to buying, we can do all the necessary paperwork, getting your insurance in place as soon as possible.

In the event of a significant claim, insurance brokers save you even more time. We can speak to claims departments and loss adjusters to do as much as possible to make the process smooth and issue free.

Using a policy that isn't exactly right for you may open your business to risks that will only become apparent when it is too late. By using a broker, you can be sure that you are getting the right insurance at the best price, as easily as possible. As a specialist broker for business insurance, GM Insurance are able to offer you our expertise to achieve this - for more information on our range of products or to discuss your insurance needs, please get in touch

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