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WasteApp - Connecting waste processors and producers

WasteApp - Connecting waste processors and producers

We were interested to read about a new app which aims to connect waste producing businesses with those who process waste which has recently launched in the UK.  

WasteApp has been developed by Green Edge Applications, an online environmental consultancy founded by Managing Director Jane Hall, who has over 20 years’ experience in the waste, industrial and environmental regulatory sectors. 

The aim of the app is to make it easier for businesses who create waste to find and identify suitable waste processing businesses via an online database. Waste and recycling are hot topics at the moment and the spotlight is on the industry as more and more people take an interest in what is happening with their waste, both here and over seas. Exporting waste in particular is something which is becoming more regulated and in this respect, the app has been launched at a crucial time.  

Commenting on the launch, Managing Director Jane Hall said: "With greater restrictions on waste exports, it has never been a more critical time to promote and expand UK-based processing facilities and, therefore, we are encouraging all waste treatment facilities to sign-up and validate their site."  

It is intended that the app will be able to be used to search for suitable processing sites by waste code, which, until now has been a time consuming and difficult process. It will also be possible for waste producers to search for waste processors by location and waste activity type. 

The WasteApp will offer opportunities for waste companies in the UK to register as a waste re-processor and to have a listing on the site. This would be likely to offer increased business opportunities for waste processors and help those companies which are waste producers to meet their recycling and Zero to landfill targets.  

There will also be the opportunity for businesses to register for an enhanced listing. We understand that the app is currently in Beta for testing and that further additions and improvements to the app are planned. Find out more information about the app by visiting

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