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Clearwaste app – a solution to the scourge of fly-tipping?

Clearwaste app – a solution to the scourge of fly-tipping?

The lockdown earlier in the year was seen as a great opportunity for many people to tackle jobs at home that they would not normally have had time to do. There was a sudden surge of interest in DIY and garden projects as some people found themselves at home with time on their hands for the first time in a while.

Unfortunately, the lockdown also precipitated a huge rise in the instances of fly tipping – both in urban and rural areas.

Fly-tipping is antisocial, can be hazardous to wildlife and the local environment and costs local councils many thousands of pounds every year. Not to mention the impact fly-tipping has on the visual environment – creating eyesores, often in quiet, rural areas.

It was reported that there was an increase of something like 300% in incidents of fly tipping during the first lockdown. No doubt driven by people’s frustration at not being able to get rid of waste while the restrictions were in place, leading them, perhaps, to use unlicensed waste disposal companies.

Even now, many recycling facilities, although open through the second lockdown, are operating on reduced capacity and may require you to book a slot in advance to access the facility.

Enter the Clear-waste app, created by self-confessed ‘Waste Warrior’ Martin Montague. The app aims to connect homes and businesses with waste to get rid of with licensed waste removal companies who can come and take it away. It is free for businesses to sign up to appear on the app and could be a great way of driving new business.

The app will be of great benefit to both the consumer and the waste business owner. For consumers, it enables them to access waste disposal services from licensed companies, meaning you can be confident that they will be disposing of your waste responsibly, legally and you won’t be unwittingly contributing to a growing fly-tipping problem.

For waste businesses, the app allows you to register your business and the services you offer to ready, pre-qualified customers with waste to dispose of. A further benefit of joining for businesses is knowing that they will only be quoting against other licensed businesses for jobs as opposed to unlicensed traders who are likely to offer cheaper prices.

As well as bringing together waste disposal businesses and consumers, the app also allows anyone to report instances of fly-tipping that they have seen and for it to be automatically reported to the local authority or land-owner.

To get your waste disposal business on the app, you just need to visit the website and register as a business by visiting Clear Waste here.

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