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Focus on… Environment Liability Insurance

Focus on… Environment Liability Insurance

Environmental Liability Insurance covers the cost of restoring environmental damage from pollution, either following an incident or accident, or damage which has happened gradually. This would include pollution to air, water or land as well as damage to biodiversity.

Who needs Environment Liability Insurance?

Any business carrying out activities with the potential to cause environmental damage should consider including this cover in their wider liability. As specialist brokers for the waste and recycling sector, many of our clients would be especially vulnerable to an incident of this kind. Fires in waste and recycling facilities are in the news more and more with the incidents of significant fires at around 300 per year. Environmental Liability Insurance would provide cover for costs associated with a post fire clean-up if required. For example, a serious fire in a waste storage facility in 2012 is known to have led to the deaths of over 3000 fish from water contamination as well as creating local air pollution.

Even things which you would not consider to be hazardous substances like food waste are capable of causing environmental damage and businesses are financially liable for the cost of putting right the damage. Any business which creates waste, whether liquid, solid or gaseous has the potential for creating pollution and environmental damage. Other sectors which are vulnerable are land developers, particularly brown field development, agricultural companies and transportation companies.

What is covered?

This kind of insurance covers the cost of repairing environmental damage. Whether this is following a specific event like escape of oil or chemicals, a fire, dust pollution, run-off from drains or sewage or a more gradual pollution or contamination which comes to light.

  • Any clean-up required at the first party (insured) site and off-site
  • Liability to third parties following loss or damage to them
  • Personal Injury
  • Claims for nuisance and annoyance
  • Legal costs and expenses associated with the above

Here at GM, we have the experience and knowledge to assist your business to make the right choices when it comes to Liability Insurance. We treat each business individually, tailoring cover to suit. We can offer a range of products to create a package of cover which is appropriate and proportionate to your business’ needs.

For more information on our business insurance and to get a bespoke illustration for your business – get in touch.

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