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Seligo app continues to grow

Seligo app continues to grow

The issues around waste and recycling are seemingly never out of the news in recent times - whether looking at the effects on the industry of China's ban on importing plastic waste or the development of processing sites capable of processing unrecyclable plastic into hydrogen. The evolution of the waste industry is certainly one of the big issues of the moment.

The waste industry is moving with the times however and innovative apps like Seligo are helping to connect waste collectors and processing centres across the UK.

Aimed at streamlining the relationship between those businesses who collect waste and waste processing sites, Seligo has recently introduced some new features into the app which should help streamline the process even further for users.

Seligo was originally launched in 2017 and allows validated and compliant waste collectors to find waste processing sites in a given location which have capacity and book treatment quickly and easily. Seligo allows waste collectors to source suitable facilities, deposit waste and pay using a simple online system. Seligo can be accessed on mobile, tablet and PC, with the app available for IOS and for Android.

As part of its continuing development, Seligo has now introduced a new smarter search feature which enables to search using more generic waste terms such as ‘green waste’ or ‘metal’, as well as by using the designated European waste catalogue (EWC) codes. Users can also now see which sites have spare capacity to enable waste collectors to process their waste more efficiently - saving them time and hopefully money in the process.

As one of the leading providers of insurance to the waste and recycling industry, here at GM we are always interested to learn about innovations and improvements which are beneficial to our clients in the sector. Whilst not obviously related, faster and more efficient processing of products by waste collectors does have something of an impact on insurance with safe storage capacity being one of the major considerations when looking at active fire prevention for instance.

For more information on the Seligo app and to sign up as a waste carrier or waste treatment site - have a look at the website

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